Place: New York

Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival

Art Categories:  Film

DIALOGUE OF CULTURES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (DCIFF) is the world’s first film festival dedicated to the impact of globalization, which has millions of people moving to different countries, confronting or embracing new cultures. In one way or another, most of us have become modern nomads. DCIFF is based on this international spirit. The festival’s goal is to jumpstart a dialogue between cultures through the universal language of cinema. After this first edition, the festival will move to a different country every year, with Paris slated to be next year’s location.


As festival founder Boris Cherdabayev comments, “It is not a coincidence that we chose New York as a first location of our festival, because it is here that you can see the greatest diversity of cultures living together side by side. In a sense, New York is the world’s biggest melting pot.”

DCIFF presents 16 features and documentaries from all over the world, each of them exploring characters, which find themselves dealing with different cultures from their own in various dramatic ways. Many of these are U.S. or New York premieres.

The festival opened with the East Coast premiere of Danis Tanovic’s CIRKUS COLUMBIA (Bosnia-Herzegovina) on Thursday October 20th, and will also include a week-long theatrical run of Mohammad Al Hushki’s TRANSIT CITIES (Jordan) at the Quad Cinema, a special screening of BRIDE FLIGHT (Netherlands, Luxembourg) by Ben Sombogaart with star Rutger Hauer in attendance, and the closing night film is THE SKETCH OF MUJO (Japan) by Koichi Omiya.

DCIFF is donating $10,000 to the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund.

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