About us

The concept of COOL signifies a source that disseminates art by connecting through art individuals alive today involved in creating a new age. The title “COOL” is a coined term that combines Creator (Creator), Infinite ( ∞ The symbol of infinity) and Link (Ring, Link). It is our objective that the next generation of creative individuals use COOL to draw inspiration from each other and become one limitless link. COOL will use art as a bridge in order to create a new future. The impressions and discoveries generated by creativity are common to readers throughout the world. COOL was born out of a desire to create a borderless magazine for those readers. Stated succinctly, there are various forms of art, but we will capture new forms of self expression through our work. Our aim is to contribute to international society, by not only editing a magazine and publishing it, but by transmitting information via the internet, and expanding the scope of our activities through various initiatives such as planning exhibitions and undertaking the promotion of certain aspects of art.