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Hong Kong – Call for artists


Freely express your “ECO” with “decob”

New York based art magazine, COOL is calling for artists to contribute their original, hand-made eco-bags: Decorated Eco-Bag, a.k.a “decob,” for an exhibition and a product-release project, The Nomadic “decob.”
In midst of the global environmental issues, we believe taking initiative on what we can do locally, around our personal surroundings is the step towards solving the global issue. The “decob” will be shown to international audiences in effort to raise awareness of environmental issues and call to take initiatives.

※Partial income from this project will be donated to environmental organizations.
※All bags are made of Recycled cotton. Fair Wage / Fair Labor

We would like you to participate in this very important exhibit by submitting your designs!
Please follow the directions below carefully:

[Project Description]

  • The hand-made eco-bags will be shown in an exhibition and will be available for sale.
  • Best of “decob” and other awards will be given to selected eco-bags.
  • Project will be covered by the art magazine COOL on its paper and online publications.
  • The exhibition will shown in Toronto, and thereafter tour to major locations such as New York, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong.

[Project Dates]

The Nomadic “decob” 4th Stage in Hong Kong

Nov 21-Dec 2, 2008
Venue: Labelle Beauty Salon

We would like for you to submit your design, online, by no later then October 6th, 2008. You can download our template here. All online submissions must be emailed to cool.decob@gmail.com

Please include the following information:

1- First name, last name

2- Artist name (if you have)

3- Title of the work

4- Media/ Material

5- Design description/ Concept

6- Price US$ (should be kept at no lower than $99 US)

7- Artist Bio, C.V.

8- Artist’s website

9- Mailing address

10- Email address

11- Phone number

A select group of arts and design community representatives will select works on the following submission guidelines:

1: All works must be clearly related to the concept of “decob”
2: All bags must be wearable and function as a bag
3: Artists selected by the committee will be provide the bags by the organizers
4: All works must be original and produced solely for the exhibit
5: All submission are free
6: Works not selected for the exhibition will be posted on the organizers website (a non refundable fee for selected artists will cover the cost
7: All original works on display will be for sale. The artists will spilt the sale 50/50 with the organizers
8: all bags are 40hx35w cm

[Deadlines for submission]

Oct 6, All artwork must be submitted online by no later then.
Oct 13, Artists selected will be contacted and a non refundable administration fee of $20 must be paid at this point.
Oct 20,Artists will be received a blank-cotton-bag by then.
Nov 15, Deadline for finished work by selected artists. Artists must send a bag to the venue directly by no later then.

Contact us if you have questions regarding submission guideline at cool.decob@gmail.com


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    Your, Raiul Baztepo

    Posted by RaiulBaztepo | March 28, 2009, 20:44
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    Posted by aquaeria - The Nomadic “decob” 4th Stage in Hong Kong | April 23, 2009, 6:24



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