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SHANGHAI – Special Showcase

We are pleased to announce the collaboration of decob and Sample Square, Shanghai’s latest hot spot for […]

Shanghai -Photos from opening night

Thank you all for coming to celebrate the decob 5th stage in Shanghai.

Shanghai -Important Notice-

Last minute opening reception notice 上海のオープニングに変更があります

SHANGHAI 上海 Special Workshop

Workshop Application Now Open! Hosted by PAINTMOB, and both the Foundry and Ligare Gallery are pleased to pres […]

Media -City Weekend Shanghai

decob were recently featured in the City Weekend Shanghai’s web. http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/shanghai/ […]

Media -Chainavi -Shanghai

decob were recently featured in the Chainavi’s web. https://www.chainavi.jp/china/blog.html?sid=3885336

SHANGHAI Call-for-artists

English / 日本語 / 中文 There will be two exciting locations Shanghai 2009! New York based art magazine, COOL is ca […]

上海 活动征集要点

English / 日本語 / 中文 近年来,全世界越来越关注环境保护的问题。2010年即将在上海举办的世博会的口号也是[城市,让生活更美好]。我们先世博而行,为让上海的城市更美丽、人们的生活环境更舒适而身体力行。

上海 アーティスト募集

English / 日本語 / 中文 募集要項 プロ・アマを問いません。どなたでもご応募が可能です。 近年、世界中で環境問題に注目が集まる中で、上海では2010に「城市让生活更美好」のスローガンのもと万博が開催されます。 […]




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