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Freely express your “ECO” with “decob”

New York based art magazine, COOL is calling for artists to contribute their original, hand-made eco-bags: Decorated Eco-Bag, a.k.a “decob,” for an exhibition and a product-release project, The Nomadic “decob.”

In midst of the global environmental issues, we believe taking initiative on what we can do locally, around our personal surroundings is the step towards solving the global issue. The “decob” will be shown to international audiences in effort to raise awareness of environmental issues and call to take initiatives. The show will travel to the following cities: Toronto Canada, Tokyo and Osaka Japan, Hong kong, Shanghai China, London UK and New York USA.

Partial income from this project will be donated to environmental organizations.

All bags are made of 100% Recycled cotton. Fair Wage / Fair Labor

The Nomadic “decob”

【Organizer】 COOL Magazine Inc./White Inc.

【Co-organizer】 Keep Six Contemporary/ BOOK246 / COOKCOOP / Gallery at the HYATT Projects / The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo / Gallery at the LEXUS Senboku/ La Belle Beauty Salon/ The Foundry Gallery/ Ligare Gallery

【SUPPORTER】 People Tree



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