Place: New York

ZOORI Making Demo

古着のT-シャツなどリサイクルマテリアルから作るZOORI(草履)のメイキングデモンストレーションが Zakkaにて行 われます。

日時: June 21 (Sun) / 2:00pm – 4:00pm



講師: White Inc.


ZOORI is our original interpretation of the traditional Japanese “zouri”, simply means “cloth sandals”. These are worn by traditional Japanese more than 200 years ago. However, recently they have gained back the popularity in Japan, but this time round, the sandals are all made with variety of reusable fabrics such as old T-shirts, bed sheets, mops, even socks! They are not only environmentally friendly. They are comfortable to wear indoors, and because of ups and downs weaving patterns, they promote health as the patterns act as massaging points for the sole of the foot.


The team White Inc. has been organized ZOORI workshops in Toronto and New York since April 2009. Their next official workshops will be held at Center for Remembering & Sharing(CRS) New York on Jun 20th and 27th 2009, and Jun 29th at the Knit Cafe in Toronto Canada. Visit their official Facebook page