COOL 通算20号記念 Special Issue!


COOL Vol.20 特別記念号がいよいよ発売になります!

【COOL Vol.20 Special Issue / Contents】

  • THE YES MEN“Fix the World”
  • Interview with Carmen Einfinger Anish Kapoor“Memory”
  • The Full Scale of Tim Burton’s Works @ MoMA
  • CREAM International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohama
  • Special Feature Takashi TARUYA “TSUKUMOGAMI”
  • La Biennale di Venezia
  • The Worldwide Art Views (EU Edition)
  • Pickup Artist / Kyoko Okubo “Down the Rabbit-Hole”
  • ORIGAMI for Africa
  • Look Look Art books
  • Film Freaks Special
    “20 Things You Know About Movies That Relates To 20”
  • The Nomadic Artist Vol.5 “Reality of Nomadic Artist (Special Edition)”
  • Chinese Art Now Vol.8 “Chinese printmaking and Japanese printmaking”
  • Hong Kong Dance Music Scene
    Entering the underground in the concrete jungle #002 “Heavy”

いつもよりちょっと増量の100ページでお届けします! 乞うご期待!!