Place: New York

Fashion Evolution: Consumer Power

アートカテゴリ:  Visual Art
“Fashion Evolution: Consumer Power”


Innovation and Transformation of Conscious Consumption
Did you know we spend an average of $362 per month on apparel in New York City?     It’s an investment and we want to be smarter about it.


The recent fatal factory incident in Bangladesh was a shock to many who didn’t realize the connection between the clothes on their backs and  the shoes on their feet and a distant factory in Bangladesh.


This event is a way for consumers like you, who possess enormous buying power, to be empowered and informed by executives and experts on the subject matter in the field.  We will explore the business practices, the latest technologies and innovations in the retail and fashion industries.  You will also learn the challenges in embracing sustainability and corporate responsibility in fashion industry.


At the networking reception, you will connect with like-minded professionals as you exchange diverse opinions and new ideas over refreshments & small bites. As a special treat, Ferron de Rothchilds will unveil their new wine for the first time in the U.S.


We hope that you will leave this seminar and networking party with a new set of reference points and an amplified global perspective.  You have the power to make smarter choices as you become a more conscious consumer!
Enjoy our complimentary gift, a stylish eco-friendly bag by FACE Stockholm and more!


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